Attract Income, 
Develop New Avenues for Cash, 
and Release Toxic Debt Money Patterns
Some of us want to be wealthy—a gorgeous house, first-class everything, and all the money we desire to lavish on ourselves, our family, and our causes.

And some of us would be happy just to be safe—no debt, savings in the bank, and enough for all our expenses.

And some of us would be happy to just be anywhere other than where we are now—which is in over our heads, pretending the overdraft notices are not coming, feeling sick over what we can’t handle.

How did things play out so differently for each of us when all three types of people are basically loving and good?  Why do some of us succeed at the game of money, while others of us fail?

It all goes back to our beliefs, energy, and feelings. Some of us learned really good money and personal growth habits … and some of us were never taught a thing.

Hi, I'm Summer McStravick, creator of MoneyFlow. I’ve built two multi-million dollar companies from scratch. And I'm completely self-made, with no family loans or investors, and no Ivy League degree. 

I chose the most offbeat, least-predictable career to get there, too: Flowdreaming! In many ways, I wasn't handed any of my success. In fact, I was ousted from a six-figure corporate job that I excelled at. And a few years later, I got breast cancer in my early 40s. And I was busy being pregnant and raising two kids in the middle of it all. And you know what? I still made more and more money every single year. So how did I do it? Any one of these things would have been enough to sink anyone. But I didn’t sink.

Looking back, I see one continuous factor that never wavered: I Flowdreamed.

It dawned on me that what I am inside is reflected in what I have outside. I figured it out: You can’t manifest anything that you aren’t.

I know it can be hard to understand how something you do in your mind (or heart) can change the way your future responds to you.

But it can. And it does. Every day.

I learned that if I wanted to be financially free, I need to treat my Flow and my future with love, commitment, and an absence of fear. I need to stop worrying that I’ll make dumb decisions…and start asking that the right paths appear before me.

I learned that my finances are about co-creation. Not me forcing everything. I have ideas, the Universe as ideas, and together we make wonderful things. But we do it together.

I learned that we don’t have to suffer or barely make it— that’s a lifestyle and manifesting pattern that many of us picked up from our upbringing.

I learned that rich people have a certain way of thinking—a way that any of can learn to think. And then we make decisions based on that way of thinking. And we take actions based on it, and Flow responds to us because that is what it does: it responds to who we are.

I decided that I’d be wealthy. Actually, I take that back. My initial goal was far less ambitious: I decided that I’d feel secure, and have all the resources I needed to have time freedom, be my own boss, and have all the money I needed for anything I wanted to experience.

My Flow has shown me how to do that, and more. Now I can show you how.

XO With love and Flow,

Money Flow works by bringing to light your hidden thoughts, emotions, patterns, and subconscious habits to light. 

We do this through a 4-step process:
You’ll begin by healing years of lack-thinking and revel in your discoveries about your hidden assumptions and power leaks. Money Flow will show you what you really think about money and how you really feel about people who have money. You’ll open your eyes to what you’ve really been telling Flow, God and the Universe about the amount of money and security you’re allowed to have in your life.
Once your old emotional “hidden energy agenda” is brought to light, you’ll begin detoxing it. You'll rehabilitate your patterns, release your guilt or feelings of failure, and lay the foundation for growth.
Next, you’ll create entirely new emotional landscapes around money, income, and your worth. You’ll choose new ways to feel about yourself that up-level your inner value, that acknowledge your true skills, tenacity and commitment. You’ll pull together a new blueprint for the channels wealth can use to reach you, opening doors to new income sources and expanding current channels. You’ll learn how to co-create and manifest whatever income you need.
Finally, you’ll set yourself up on a maintenance track so you don’t lose what you’ve just created. You’ll pinpoint and customize your new Flowdreaming library to work on things that are most important to you, such as Flowdreaming for "My Perfect Job" or an "Easy, Continuous Cash-Flow."

Money Flow is not your typical Money Management product. I don’t talk about banks or interest rates, or put you on any specific budget. If you want that kind of program, there are literally hundreds of others you can choose from. This program is unique.
Money Flow is for those of you who need to dig out of where you’ve been. It’s for those of you who want something better than just getting by.
Money Flow is for those of you who are already doing well, but you know there’s a next point you can get to…and business school or more financial training isn’t it… It’s about your mind, your heart, and your Flow. 
Money Flow is for you high-flyers—you six and seven figure earners—who’re deciding that you want to earn your income (and more) with far less stress, work, and fear than you have now.
Flowdreaming can change your life. 
It’s a practice, mindset, and way you can manifest all the income you want!
The world is packed with all the “how to” business advice you’ll want. MoneyFlow is different.

Money management and debt reduction programs are a dime a dozen. But if you struggle to implement your budgets, if all your “how to” trainings haven’t worked, or if you’ve achieved some success, then reverted right back to your old patterns later…then you need to shift from what to do with your finances to what’s really going on in your head, heart, and energy. Your income and finances will always respond to those first. 

Remember: you can’t be rich by just parroting the actions that rich people take. That’s just following an external shell. You have to instead begin to think and feel like a rich person thinks and feels. Your Flow and your future respond to you, the inner you. Money Flow revamps, up-levels, and reprograms the inner you so your future is gorgeous, rich, secure, and fun. 

Quick Start Guide PDF
  Easy to follow, short instructions will walk you through the program. There's no long learning curve when Flowdreaming! You jump right in, using your natural ability to daydream.

This Quick start guide shows you step by step what to do to gain the most from your 30-day program, in clear easy-to-understand instructions. 

A Private Website to Organize and Deliver Your Materials
 All your materials are neatly stored in a website for easy downloading.

 No hunting or searching for materials. No rifling through old emails looking for download links. Just log in and download straight to your desktop. (We will email Mobile users (Android or iOS phones or tablets) access to their mp3s directly so they can store them to the Cloud or other backup site.)

*Bonus: We extend your access to the 30-day program by an extra 30 days (60 days total) to make extra sure you have ample time to download and work through your 30-day program.

A 3-Part Course: Money Flow: Detoxing, Healing and Huge Cash Flow
 A 90-min Money Detox class to help you cleanse and release debt, eject situations that aren't working for you and set the stage for abundant growth.

 A 90-min Money Healing class to surface and reveal your money patterns, heal bloacks, and resolve emotional and erngy issues that have kept you back.

 A 90-min Money Growth class to create abundant new avenues for income and wealth, expand existing inlets, and align your energy to prosperity.

 Worksheets for each class packed with targeted, intimate processes and activities to reveal your money patterns and create new or expanded income and wealth opportunities

*Note: these proprietary classes are the only part of MoneyFlow that are listen-only (non-downloadable). You can easily listen on your computer, tablet, or phone. We encourage you to take notes and download your class worksheets. We also offer 30 extra days of free access just in case you need it. 

Concierge Service 
 Every purchase comes with concierge service! Meaning . . . we’ll appoint your own concierge to help you get rolling on the program. You won’t have to wonder what to do first, or if you’re doing it right. Your personal Money Flow “butler” is on-call to help you and will look forward to setting up a 20-minute call with you.

The Prosperity Challenge
A detailed PDF guidebook to walk you through the Challenge.

Eight Prosperity Challenge Audio Flowdreams to break through money ceilings and release old money patterns (as downloadable mp3s)

   ► Introduction
   ► Days 1 & 8: Realization
   ► Days 2 & 9: Feeling Worth
   ► Days 3 & 10: Trust in the Unexpected and Divine Guidance 
   ► Days 4 & 11: Gratitude, Stability and Security
   ► Days 5 & 12: Breaking Through Old Beliefs and Glass Ceiling Limitations
   ► Days 6 & 13: Wealth Through Work and Life Purpose
   ► Days 7 & 14: Windfalls of Wealth and Multiple Streams of income 
Seven sets of Worksheets packed with exercises and processes to reveal your money blocks and clarify your goals (to accompany each day of the Challenge) (PDF) 

Flowdreaming (the book that started it all!) 
Receive the 122-page book (PDF)

Plus three practice audio Flowdreams 

The Flowdreaming Introductory Kit
A Quickstart Guide (PDF) 

A 30 minute audio tutorial 

A practice Flowdream

Bonus Flowdreaming Audio: 
"Debt-Free with Savings in the Bank!"

  This Flowdream helps you shed debt and plump up your savings so you feel safe and secure in your future. 

Ask Flow to offer you new income sources or enhance your current income with raised, bonuses, extra work or more clients. The point of this Flowdream is: Debt goes down, and savings and resources goes up!
Bonus Flowdreaming Audio: 
"My Perfect Job"
  You want happy, fulfilling work. No long commutes. No bad pay. No mean bosses. No negative co-workers. 

You are meant to bloom into your true talents, and this Fowdream helps you feel yourself in the best, most supportive workplace you can imagine. Get all your needs met at work as you feel how rewarded, admired, and fulfilled you are in your workplace.
Bonus Flowdreaming Audio: 
"Easy, Continuous Cash Flow"

  Get more cashflow, plain and simple. Receive money from all good sources. Allow your cash-flow to grow bigger, steadier, and stronger. 

Ask the Universe to give you the resources you need to not just survive, but to expand and excel in whatever you want in life. This pinpointed Flowdream is all about more money and abundance in every form!

Money Flow includes approximately 11 hours of instruction, 
11 recorded Flowdreams, dozens of worksheets, and private membership.
Total Value: $2000
NOW 80% OFF!
Just $397.
Offer expires in 48 hours.
No joke! This price really will expire in 48 hours.
01 — First, your Money Flow Concierge will give you a call to help onboard you to the program. This is where we hold your hand and make it really simple to start. After that, I’ll ask you to listen to the How to Flowdream Introductory audio. You can do it in about an hour.
02 — Then you’re ready to start your program. You’ll begin listening to three seminars: Money Detox, Money Healing, and Money Growth. 
03 — Once you have this grounding, you’re going to begin The Prosperity Challenge, which is a two-week program to totally rehabilitate your money habits and manifesting. I’ve expanded on the original Prosperity Challenge product by creating mini-tutorials for each chapter and worksheets to help you zero in with even more precision on the patterns in your own life. You’ll develop new healthy money patterns here, and heal a ton of inner issues that previously kept you struggling.
04 — Meanwhile, your eyes are opening and revelations are pouring in.
05 — By the time you finish the Prosperity Challenge, you’ll be putting together your own personalized ongoing Practice, choosing your own critical areas to focus on in Flow: like immediate cash-flow, debt release, a new job, etc.
You’ll develop a weekly practice under 15 minutes a day that’ll begin to feel as natural as eating or breathing. You can even multitask by Flowdreaming while you shower or take a walk or run!

After about four weeks, you’ll have enormously adjusted your money mindset and money manifesting, and the rest is just building on what you’ve started! I don’t want you to just change, I want you to stay in that change.
Do you offer this product in physical, shippable format?
No, we regret we don't offer this as a physical package yet. All your materials are downloadable to a desktop computer. We urge you to download them all for safe-keeping. For those of you who don't own a computer and need to use the program on your iphone or Android, you'll have access to the Money Flow website for a minimum of six months so you can listen on your device. (iPhones and iPads do not allow you to download mp3s or audios directly to your phone unless they were purchased through Apple in the iTunes shop.)
Are the mp3s the same as the ones in your web shop at
Portions of the Prosperity Challenge and the Introductory Kit can be found as single items in our web shop. The MoneyFlow Training Series and worksheets, the expanded Prosperity Challenge, and other pieces are brand new and can only be found in the MoneyFlow product. The value in the Money Flow program is that you’re walked through a proven system for change and growth. It’s a very different and extremely more productive and results-oriented experience than if you simply purchase random audios and try to do it yourself.
If I already own parts of Money Flow, such as the Prosperity Challenge, will you refund it or discount the product?
Since this product is a bundled product, we regret that we can’t refund individual portions of it. There are so many pieces to Money Flow that we encourage you to allow a few duplicates in your library.
What happens after I buy it?
First, you’ll receive an email with your download links so you can begin enjoying your program instantly. Next, your Onboarding Concierge will give you a call to schedule a time to talk about why you bought Money Flow, and help you use it to the fullest effect.
Will you tell me what to do first in the Money Flow Program?
Absolutely. There’s a lot of material here for you, so we give you a Quick Start guide that tells you exactly what to do first, then we lead you step-by-step through the program. You won’t get lost or get confused. And when questions pop up, you’ll know there’s a call only a few days away where you can get pinpointed help. And if that isn’t quick enough, you can post in your members-only Facebook group for an even faster answer.
How much time will it take me to complete the program? How long does it last?
MoneyFlow is designed to be a 30-day program. The program has several stages: the initiation phase, then the ongoing maintenance phase. That’s why we support you for a full four weeks. Changing money patterns and opening new doors in Flow can happen very fast, or gradually, and we like to cover all he bases. All told you can invest as little as a few hours each week to complete the program in four weeks, or you can use-it-as-you need-it, with up to 15 hours of material to implement into your life.
What happens if I don’t like it after I buy it?
Because this product is downloadable, it's impossible to return. Remember, you keep your downloadable materials no matter what because there's no physical way to return them. This is why we want you to be confident in your purchase from Day 1. We encourage you to visit, where we have dozens of samples of our Flowdreams to listen to. You'll get a good idea of what all the audios will sound like. And if you're unsure about Summer's teaching style, check out her 570+ hours of podcasts at or iTunes. 

What we discover most, however, is that some people are looking for an "instant fix" from the outside to change them, and they can be disappointed when they realize that the program is meant to guide them through their own perfect inner changes. In other words, you do the inner work! The MoneyFlow course is meant to be used over and over to open you to different energies and emotions around your income. It's meant to help you see and identify money patterns in yourself, and actively cultivate new energy around cashflow. The effectiveness of the product is entirely dependent on you and your desire to engage with it and stick with it, which is something we could not in good conscious guarantee, nor can we refund the product because you change your mind or you feel it "doesn't work" for you in your specified time period. We stand 100% behind the quality of the product and materials, and know how they can be used for immense benefit, but we can't guarantee how YOU will use them or how long it will take you to begin feeling the effects of your inner change in your life. The 30 to 60 days of the formal program should never be seen as "guaranteed date" for new income.

We know this is an honest (though not satisfying) answer, but again, we truly stand by the quality of this product and the 1000's of people who use Flowdreaming everyday. This is truly the best course we offer for cashflow and income, and we have seen hundreds of people use this and other Flowdream products to create millions of dollars of assets and income in their lives. It can be, and is, done regularly. But it's not guaranteed--rather, it's up to you to take these tools, run with them, and see what YOU will create!
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